Billions of dollars are spent every year by brands – buying attention from your customers. People know brands, so why not start their investment journey there? High performing companies + low cost ETFs are a great way for people to start investing.

Lead with brands

People make purchase decisions every day. Adding recognizable, high quality companies to a low risk portfolio is a great way to engage clients with their portfolios. For nascent investors, the jargon of ‘low cost index funds’ or higher risk ETFs can be extremely intimidating. But when you show how their hard earned dollars flow into public companies – it’s a great place to start a conversation.

Follow the money

Many people are surprised to learn that the small store they frequent is owned by a multinational. And if that multinational happens to be performing well financially – add it as a ‘satellite’ investment to a lower risk portfolio.

Plug & Play API

The tickerizer is a great additional educational tool – where customers can input brands or companies, and find out which public company they belong to. Great for self directed investors looking for ideas, and for RIAs who are looking for a way to connect with their clients.