There’s so much data on customers, but how much of it is used to provide useful information and advice vs just sell them more products? GoldBean learning experiences help you help your customers build their knowledge and confidence.

A financially engaged customer can help you increase deposits, and develop new revenue streams through increased investment activity.

Customer Experience Tracks

Unique content programs for different life-stages, goals and experience. Meet your customer where they are. Time and event-based events trigger communications to help clients move forward with education to overcome financial hurdles. Tracks include managing debt, increasing savings and building long term goals.

Investor Boot Camp

Two week guide to getting started with investing – including trigger based communications and content widgets such as the 'No Stupid Questions FAQ', 'Shame-Free glossary' and short form investing guides.

Regularly Updated

We understand that things change. GoldBean ensure that time-sensitive content is flagged for updates.