Studies have shown that in order to engage investment clients, they need to be offered a relevant solution. The secret sauce of GoldBean is a unique investment approach that uses a customers spending history as a starting point for a portfolio.

We help you bring investing to life for your customers, engage them with personalized recommendations and advice, and help them learn and grow over time.

Portfolio Generation

We follow a core / satellite portfolio model: Core of funds, satellite of personalized equities. This approach helps nascent investors understand the basics of investing by including well-rated, familiar stocks in their recommendations. Because for beginners, the acronym soup of the fund world is neither relevant nor appealing.

KYC, Risk Analysis & Balance Recommendation

GoldBean has APIs to help on boarding and managing investment clients. APIs are available for a light touch KYC, risk profiling, financial goal setting and balance recommendation.


Algorithms are modular; important decision points can be modified to suit a partner's preferred logic or to use additional data sources (risk profiling, stock/fund analysis, etc)

Stock & Fund Overviews

Easy-to- understand overviews of funds and equities, enabling the nascent investor to build their confidence, and provide inspiration to continue to invest over the long term.


You can implement your own KYC, investment models, and risk profiling, alongside the GoldBean experience, or you can license ours. The GoldBean platform can be implemented as a SAAS solution, or installed on premise.