We are a team of Engineers, Marketers, Financial Compliance & Data people. Our frustration with the disconnect between personal consumption (which drives the economy) and personal finance (from which the 'already wealthy' benefit most) inspired us to become registered investment advisors and to apply a more empowered, personal and data-driven approach to investing.

Leadership Team

Jane Barratt
Founder + CEO

Husani S. Oakley

Peter Zdanowicz
COO + Chief Compliance

Investors & Advisors

Adam Berger

Founder, ezbds, ex-Bloomberg Black

Janet Hanson

Founder, 85 Broads, ex-Goldman Sachs

Whitney Johnson

Co-Founder, Rose Park Advisors, Author

Christine Goodwin

Data Engineer

Dani Hughes

Founder of Divine Capital

Susan McPherson

Founder, McPherson Strategies

Delano McFarlane


Zohar Swaine

Founder, Mink Hollow Advisors, ex-TD Ameritrade

Stewart Owen

Co-Founder, mcgarrybowen