Financial Health: Powered By GoldBean

We help financial institutions connect with their customers, building pathways to financial health. Use white labeled GoldBean content and software to create compelling educational experiences, personalized advice and tailored portfolio recommendations. By helping your clients overcome financial hurdles you will reduce your maintenance costs and shepherd your clients to higher value services.

Why Partner With GoldBean?

There are many solutions for the 'already confident' and 'already wealthy' investors. GoldBean helps you help the vast majority of people who don’t fall into either of those camps.

What We’ve Learned

GoldBean is an SEC registered Investment Advisor. From our own business experience, and through extensive research, we’ve found that success comes for making solutions relevant to a client’s needs, issues and goals. All of GoldBean's products are built around this purpose: making solutions relevant to your client.


Select specific content and services, or use GoldBean as your low cost way to support nascent investors. The scope of engagements range from pilot programs with emerging affluent customers to public facing learning centers.

New revenue opportunities

Monetize untapped revenue opportunities. GoldBean products and services can help you grow revenue by moving clients to higher value services, from consolidating debt to growing assets to moving clients into wealth management.

You're In Charge

GoldBean software enables you to build relationships with your customers on your platform, using your own data. License as much or as little as you need.

Save Time & Money

Provide fiduciary standard content, advice and services for a fraction of the cost of building in house.

Bridge to growth

Bring retail customers into the investment world with low-cost, digital-only advice and learning experiences.



Suite of personal finance content

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Insights and ideas for investing based on customer spend

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Relevant Portfolio Advice – 'The Path to Wealth'

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Track based, automated financial learning experiences

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